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Course Outline:

Document structure and flow

The HTML5 Template
Validating your markup
HTML review and basics
HTML Elements

HTML Tags & Attributes
HTML Headings & Paragraphs
HTML Lists, Tables & Forms
HTML URLs & Scripts
HTML Iframes, Audio & Video

HTML5 Intro ,Support

HTML5 New Elements, Semantics

HTML5 Migration, Style Guide

Formatting Content

Commenting and Formatting Code
Building layout with CSS
A centered container
2 & 3 column layout
CSS review and basics
CSS syntax & selectors
Classes and ID's & Classes
Inheritance & Specificity
Validating CSS

Some basic CSS properties

Java Script

The  box model

Block vs inline elements
Div's and spans
Border properties

Width, height and max, min
Using images in CSS

Transparency and semi-transparency
CSS3 Rounded corners, Box Shadow, Text Shadow
Customizing a Navigation Bar

Use other navigation bar

Responsive Design

CSS3 Animation Effect

Responsive Web Design

RWD Intro, Viewport,Grid View

RWD Media Queries, Images,Frameworks


Introducing Javascript library jQuery

Bootstrap JavaScript Module

Domain & Hosting

Introducing Blog

Basic Wordpress

Day Time
Duration: 03 Months Total Class: 24 Class Time: 2:00 Hours
Course Fee