Information Technical Vision Society
Human Resource Development Organization
Registered Under Societies (Act XXI of 1860)
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INTRODUCTION: INFORMATION TECHNICAL VISION SOCIETY HAVING REGISTRATION NO:   S-739(586)/08 On Joint Stock Company and Firm Society in Bangladesh is a non government, non-political, voluntary and charitable organization. Its commitment is to chance. The standard living of children, women and youth of the underprivileged people living in the remote areas of the country.

A Memorandum of understanding was signed on 16 September 2019 between ITVS and Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board Ministry of Public Administration the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. 

A Memorandum of understanding was signed on October 2014 between ITVS and the Department of youth Development of the ministry of youth and sport of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is Mentioned here that it conduct training Programs on ICT having the permission of using.  The Laboratories of Bangladesh Computer Council situated in different area of Bangladesh.

Ten ultramodern digital labs are on operation to impart ICT Training in different districts.

 A part from these activities, ITVS trained Teachers and staffs of 2 (two) public universities, 20 (twenty) govt. colleges, 22 (twenty two) non govt. colleges, employees of an education Board as well as the officers and ordinary police members of Dhaka and Sylhet ranges of Bangladesh police.

In 2017 Department of youth Development Ministry of youth and sports of the peoples Republic  Bangladesh recognized and certificated Gazipur,  Dinajpur Hobigong, Narsindi, Canters of ITVS as the best non govt. ICT training centers of the country . The organization awards free medical services  to detrudes, distribution winter clothes among  chill vulture areas, arranges  free vaccine for cattle distributes relief materials among the flood-affected people .It also takes active part in different social and cultural programs to create awareness about their rights and privileges .

Operational priory: The whole country, (the people Republic of Bangladesh).

Model: Non profitable, non government, non-political, voluntary philanthropic and charitable.

Objective: The top must priority of the ITVS is to make the marginal youth’s active, self dependent and conscious manpower by providing the latest ICT training complying with the guidelines set by govt. of the peoples Republic Bangladesh.


  1. To run benevolent, charitable and welfare programs among the poor.
  2. To motivate people to be aware of education art, literature, science and culture.
  3. To provide legal aid to the down trodden people.
  4. To make the unemployed youths of the Country and the students of schools as  well as the universities self reliant by giving latest technical no -how
  5. To assist the frustrated, morbid youths lying in the grassroots levels to be hopeful and visionary providing technical education keeping pace with the time       
  6. To create awareness about the climate change and its adverse effects on ecology and environment and to inspire them in a forestation activities. So that they can help balance the eco system.
  7. To cooperate in the enhancement of values decent life overcoming social and religious superstitions
  8. Subject to the approval of proper authority this organization can set medical centers maturity clinics homeo and ayubradic charitable dispensaries satellite clinics, primary health care’s center and rural doctors training center in different parts of the country to build healthy nation.
  9. To set up night school for eliminating illiteracy and conducting literacy camping among the education deprived To establish free medical treatment and child care centers and provide free medical care with cards.
  10. To encourage people planting fruit trees and cultivating nutritious vegetable so that they can meet that deficiencies of nutrition.
  11. To create awareness ADS and help detect patents
  12. To work stopping gender discrimination   and eve-teasing.
  13. To take steps developing the overall conditions of women
  14. To alert people regarding  the use of arsenic free tube-well, water,  sanitary latrines and also make conscious about the harmful effects of aeacnicosis and benefits of space and span
  15. To generate awareness about child trafficking, child labor, child oppression and take measures stopping juvenile delinquencies.
  16. To make projects for vocational tanning and income- generating activities to create employment opportunities for the jobless
  17. To take steps for the rehabilitation of widows, divorces, sex workers, orphans, the blinds, averaged helpless women, physically handicaps, autistics eunuchs and start humanitarian services and educational program for them.

To alarm the young generation of the horrendous threats of drug which is a bar to a peaceful society.

Administration system: Itvs carries on activities by opening branches at district and upazila headquarters

Manpower of a branch.

1. A manager

2. A deputy manager

3. A trainer

4. An office assistant

5 .A cleaner

Training system: 

  1. Institutional 
  2. Mobile   
  • Duration of institutional training courses

  1. Six month
  2. Three month
  3. One month
  4. d)  seven days

IT Base course:

  • Microsoft Office Application
  • Professional Graphics Design
  • Advance Email Marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM,SMM)
  • Advance Web Design
  • Hardware & Networking 

Others On going courses:

1. Dress Making

2. Fashion Design

3. Livestock Assistant